Since 2018, our “ambassador” in Austria, Monica Pichler, in the company of her family and with the support of the Seybold family, in the city of Linz, and Fr. Friederich Reisschauer in the parish of Weisskirchen, have been undertaking talks and presentations to inform people about the work of PROYECT DUO. In this way they have successfully acquired a number of sponsors and donations for the project.

Marianne Pichler, of only 10 years of age, had the initiative to hand-make various bracelets and necklaces, which she sold to her schoolmates, family and neighbours, generating 110 EUR, which were donated to DUO.

Finally, in June 2018, through the collaboration of Claudia Vivas, they participated in the International Cultural Event, organized by the Mayor of Weisskirchen with the intention of integrating people of different nationalities and cultures living in and around the city. There was food-tasting, and cultural and artistic presentations from different countries, such as Germany, Hungary, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Vietnam and Ghana. PROYECTO DUO was present in representation of Colombia, achieving a donation of 1,000 EUR, as well as various sponsors.

We wish every success to all who wish to assume the mission of opening up new regions.

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