What we do


Having tried different strategies since 2002, currently PROYECTO DUO manages a curriculum of academic reinforcement, provided by teachers specialised in different disciplines. The objective is to improve the academic performance of the children and youths, to ensure that they have the appropriate academic tools to achieve the scores necessary to have access to the university career, technical training or job of their choice.


The children have the chance to take part in workshops, trips, visits and other activities complementary to the academic reinforcement, which, as well as contributing to their integral development, help make the project more appealing and enjoyable. These activities, amongst other things, are aimed at working on spiritual and ethical values in an atmosphere isolated from the surrounding neighbourhood, which allows them to understand other dynamics, different realities and analyse how their actions affect the environments around them. Some of these activities arise through directed donations from DUO sponsors.


Each day, according to the specific circumstances of the children, they receive a lunch and possibly a snack, which ensures that they receive adequate nutrition and, as a result, a healthy development. Twice a year a nutritional analysis is performed, which results in the nutritional plan. At the same time, workshops are programmed where the children learn to take care about what they eat.


Through art, the children learn about themselves and their friends, they make an effort, they get to know themselves, and they learn discipline, respect and teamwork. Folk dancing strengthens their cultural roots, while choir generates tranquil spaces with the interiorisation of the music The children discover what it means to work towards an objective and triumph at it. On occasion, presentations have been given for the sponsors, where they can appreciate the talent and dedication that goes into a high-quality spectacle.


At the start of each school year, the children receive an endowment of uniforms and stationery, funded by PROYECTO DUO, with a small contribution from the parents.


In coordination with institutes and companies, special days are organised for dental, nutritional, auditive, and visual evaluations, along with some individual consultations with medical specialists and psychologists.

is a project, affiliated to the Monseñor Isaías Duarte Cancino Foundation, made up of a team of people sensitive to the problematic social situation habituated by the many children unfortunate enough to live in the most vulnerable sectors of the city of Cali.

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